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Please note that COCA Notes ceased publication as of June 2011 as directed by the chair of the communications committee at that time. The plan was to revamp the publication to make it more relevant to COCA members and the general public. In August 2016, the COCA Board decided not to revive the publication but rather make use of social media to provide a forum for members to communicate their events and services to each other and to the general public. COCA Notes was first published in printed format in 1984.

2010-11 alt COCA Notes 2010-11 Oct. No.1
  alt COCA Notes 2010-11 Dec. No.2
  alt COCA Notes 2010-11 May. No.3
2009-10 alt COCA Notes 2009-10 Oct. No.1
  alt COCA Notes 2009-10 Dec. No. 2
  alt COCA Notes 2009-10 May No.3
2008-09 alt COCA Notes 2008-09 Oct No. 1
  alt COCA Notes 2008-09 Dec No. 2
  alt COCA Notes 2008-09 Mar No. 3
2007-08 COCA Notes 2007-08 Fall No. 1
  alt COCA Notes 2007-08 Dec No. 2
  alt COCA Notes 2007-08 Feb No. 3
  alt COCA Notes 2007-08 Mar No.4
2005-06 alt COCA Notes (April)
2004-05 alt COCA Notes e-bulletin
2003-04 alt COCA Notes v3
2002-03 alt COCA Notes v19 No. 1
  alt COCA Notes v19 No. 2
2000-01 alt Coca Notes (April)

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